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19 May 2015

We Fly So High

Well…….The album is on its way! After a lot of hard work, the record “We Fly So High” is currently being pressed. We’re so excited to get to share it with you guys! It was an amazing experience to make this album, and everybody involved did incredible work. Special thanks to the guest artists who lent their considerable talents to this project: Bobby Roberts Jr., Bongbadang, Dan Johns, Nikki B., Tori. You all brought something unique to this album, and we’re honored to have your fingerprints on it. ¬†While we’re waiting, we’re working out the details of the album release parties. There will more than likely be one held in Florence, and one in Myrtle Beach. Stay tuned for details!! We’re also getting together and doing some video of live performances of some of the new tracks, so be sure to check¬†back here, or keep up with us on YouTube to catch all that stuff!


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